The best movie ever of Honduras has begun

One planet with immense riches, one planet whom a group of french entrepreneurs decided to document making use of the most advanced video technologies yet known. The project which begun on 2015 with expeditions in Arctic Polynesia has arrived to Honduras, their next project “Honduras Expedition 2016”.

The the best team of directors, cameramen, producers, pilots, photographers and human potential from France and Europe with the sole purpose to explore Jacques Cousteau style and make an inventory of the cultural, human, scenic and riches from the most beautiful places on the planet. Places which will be shared with the world in a 90 minute movie production showing all that Honduras has to offer.

Honduras is the first country from this continent to be included in this mega project which evidence suggests we are a unique nation filled with heritage to share with the world.


Expedition Honduras 2016 is born through a compromise signed in Paris during the conferences of climate change. With the honorable presence of The President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández on December 2015 between the The and Government Institutions such as: The Ministry of Defense, Marca Pais Honduras, The Honduras Tourism Institute, The Ministry of Ambiance, History and Anthropology, and Science and Technology.

The committee has arrived to Honduras this weekend to the initiate exploration and filmmaking of out beautiful country starting this Monday. The project will take them 5 weeks. During which time the producers and film team will be traveling in helicopters, submarines and land, filming in 4K/UHD and HD formats around the country. La Mosquitia, Tela, The Bay Islands, Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, Gracias, Copán, and every corner of our nation which agenda will soon be revealed in detail. Such missions of explorations will include special interviews with scientists, community leaders, and specialists so that the finished product can mirror the most accurate views of out natural beauty and cultural heritage.

An exceptional detail is that television companies from Europe will gather around the discoveries made and diffused by National Geographic from Ciudad Blanca in La Moskitia.

Filmmaking to editing to post production, the final masterpiece will be diffused in various finished products to be exhibited throughout the globe. A 90 minute movie from Honduras will be available for the whole world to watch through various digital media outlets, cinemas, and television. Europe, Japan and soon our continent will see a 45 minute documental which will be transmitted in one of the most important Television Network of the United States. A collection of audiovisual material to be sold throughout the world.

This project, its graphic content and history will be the grandest documental ever produced in and from Honduras. Since now we will be able to present and open the doors of our country, it’s people, natural riches, cultural heritage and unique colors to the world.

Stay tuned with Honduras is Great and our future publications. We will be the diffusion window accredited exclusively by Marca Pais to show you and document all the behind the scenes of this majestic production. You can follow page on the web and facebook.

We present you the video of rather exploration realized in Polynesia. We are more than sure Honduras will not stay behind


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